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Advertising rates



One full page 3000,00
Half page 1600,00
Quarter page 900,00
Double page spread 5000,00
Inside front cover 4500,00
Inside back cover 4000,00
Outside back cover 5000,00

Technical requirements and ad sizes

Full page trim size: 200 x 270 mm

Full page bleed size: 210 x 280 mm


Double page spread bleed size: 410 x 280 mm

Double page spread trim size: 400 x 270 mm


Half page trim size: 200 x 135 mm

Half page bleed size: 210 x 145 mm


Submitting of advertisement materials

Advertisement layouts should be submitted in the following formats:

• JPEG (low or minimal compression degree)


• EPS (types must be converted to curves)


Layouts are only accepted in composite files.

All layout elements should be delivered in CMYK colour model. Colour separation should be performed according to the following characteristics:

Euroscale colour specification; dot gain - 13–15%; maximum total colour quantity - 300%; maximum black colour share - 95%


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