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L-410NG has flown

_29 July 2015 saw a prototype of the upgraded L-410NG (reg. OK-NGA) commuter plane take off on its maiden flight in the town of Kunovice from the airfield of Czech company Aircraft Industries completely owned by Russia's Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company.

The L-410NG is a derivative of the production-standard L-410UVP-E20. Its features setting it apart from the previous model are integral fuel cells (they doubled the fuel capacity and extended the range from 1,400 km to 2,600 km and, thus, the endurance from 4.5 h to 9 h), a twofold increase in the front baggage compartment in the substantially stretched fuselage nose section, a 20% increase in payload (from 1,710 kg to 2,200 kg), a more effective powerplant and a sophisticated avionics suite. The L-410NG's maximum takeoff weight has grown from 6,600 kg to 7,000 kg and its cruising speed from 386 km/h to 420 km/h over the production-standard L-410UVP-E20.

The plane is powered by two more powerful H85-200 turboprop engines with AV725 propellers featuring takeoff power of 850 hp (the L-410UVP-E20 was powered by the M601E-21 and H80 engines rated at 750-800 hp). The cockpit has become 'all-glass', using the latest equipment from Garmin.

The manufacturer is planning to complete the certification of the upgraded model by 2017 and then launch its full-rate production, with the estimated output of 30 units per annum. The Russian owner of the Czech company sees potential customers among the current L-410 users willing to expand their aircraft fleet. The purpose of the aircraft - commuter and regional traffic - remains unchanged. The operator will be able to fly L-410UVP-E20s on short services and advanced L-410NGs on longer operations.

So far, Aircraft Industries is ramping up the output and deliveries of production L-410UVP-E20s. Last year, the company delivered 16 aircraft. Seven of them headed for Russia to Khabarovsk Airlines, PANKh (Ulan-Ude), Orenburzhye and Chita Aeroservice as well as the Krasny Kut Civil Aivation Flying School, and the rest went abroad, including seven to South Africa and two to Nepal. In addition, three aircraft planned for the previous year were delivered to Russian customers (Komiaviatrans, Aeroservice and PANKh) during 2014. This year the company expects to build and deliver up to 18 aircraft.

Published in Take-off magazine, November 2015.

(Photo: Aircraft Industries)

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