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TV7-117V engine for Mi-38 gets certificated

_27 August 2015, the third day of the MAKS 2015 air show, saw the stand of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) hosting a ceremony of issuing the type certificate for the TV7-117V turboshaft engine designed to power the advanced Mil Mi-38 super-medium transport helicopter. Type Certificate ST355-AD dated 29 July 2015 was presented to UEC Director General Alexander Artyukhov by IAC Aircraft Registry Chairman Vladimir Bespalov.

"The TV7-117V engine's type certificate has resulted from years-long hard work of the whole team and form the effective cooperation with certification centres, branch institutes and the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant," Alexander Vatagin, executive director of the engine's developer, Klimov JSC, emphasised during the ceremony. "Now, UEC subsidiaries are gearing up for the production of the TV7-117V, which is slated for mid-2016."

According to the Russian government's procurement website (zakupki.gov.ru), UEC and its subsidiary Klimov on 28 July 2015 signed a contract for the manufacture and delivery of 50 production-standard TV7-117V engines between 2015 and 2019. The first pair of engines is to be delivered in May 2016, and eight production-standard TV7-117Vs are to be made before year-end 2016, with the annual output rate to grow gradually up to 16 units by 2019.

Russian Helicopters reported in September this year that Kazan Helicopters had made the airframe of the first production-standard Mi-38 and the trials of the prototypes of the type had been in the final stages, with 112 out of 180 planned test flights conducted. The third and fourth Mi-38 flying prototypes (OP-3 and OP-4) powered by TV7-117Vs are participating in the flight tests segment of the certification programme. The fourth flying prototype, which was unveiled as part of the flying programme of MAKS 2015, has enlarged windows and an advanced shock-resistant fuel system. The machine is the baseline model for future production-standard Mi-38s. The OP-4 completed its maiden flight in the city of Kazan on 6 October 2014.

The type certificate for the Mi-38's transport version is due in December 2015. "We are planning to launch the full-scale production of the Mi-38 in 2016 or 2017. No doubt, the helicopter will pass the certification trials," Russian Helicopters Director General Alexander Mikheyev said. The first two production-standard Mi-38s are to be built within the first six months of 2016.

The Mi-38 has a maximum takeoff weight of 15,600 kg (up to 16,200 with under-slung cargo) and hauls cargo weighing up to 6 t in the cabin or 7 t on the external sling at a cruising speed of 285 km/h. The cabin can seat up to 30 passengers. The helicopter also offered for sale in the search and rescue, medical evacuation, offshore operations and VIP versions.

Published in Take-off magazine, November 2015.

(Photo: Alexey Mikheyev)

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